Giulia Golla Tunno

+39 380 330 85 58

Residence : Via Marzabotto 6, San Vittore. Olona, 2028 (Milano)

Nov 2015-Present

PhD Candidate in Analysis and Management of Cultural Heritage at IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca (Italy) in cotutelle (double-degree agreement) with the PhD in Contemporary Art History at Université Bordeaux-Montaigne (France).

Dissertation under the co-supervision of Prof. Emanuele Pellegrini and Prof. Dominique Jarrassé.

Italian Ministerial Scholarship (31° Cycle) for a duration of three years (Nov 2015-Oct 2018)

Relevant exams: Museology; Museum practices; Cultural Heritage, Memories, History; Visual arts and Globalization; History of Western Modern Art; Arts and Politics.

Thesis title: Art and National Colonial Museums in Europe in the interwar years (1920s-1930s).

Research interests: Heritage and visual arts in relation to (post) colonial temporalities.


Sept 2010 – Febr 2013

Bocconi University, Milan (Italy) – M.Sc. in Management of Arts and Culture. Taught in English. GPA: 28/30. Taught in English. Final mark: 109/110. Relevant courses: Cultural Heritage and the Arts Market Workshop, History and Practice in Museology, Intercultural Studies, Evolution of Cultural Consumption.

Sept 2007 – Sept 2010

Bocconi University, Milan (Italy) – Bachelor in Management for Arts, Culture and Communication. Final Mark: 103/110. GPA: 27/30. Final Mark: 103/110. Relevant courses: Visual arts, Aesthetics, Cultural Anthropology, Management of cultural organizations, History of Public Institutions, Sociology of Organizations.

Sept 2002 – July 2007

Modern Languages High School E. Majorana, Rho (Italy). Specialization in modern languages:  English, German and Spanish. Final Mark: 94/100. Fourth year abroad in Scotland at Dalkeith High School (UK), passing SQA exams.


Febr 2018 – May 2018

School of Heritage, Memory and Material Culture – AHM, University of Amsterdam (NL). Visiting period, supervised by Dr. Ihab Saloul and Dr. Chiara de Cesari. Italian Ministry of Education Scholarship.

Junior Fellow at the Research Center for Material Culture (RCMC-FEL), Leiden (Netherlands). Funding (1,000 euros) for carrying out archival research on the Koloniaal Museum at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam for my thesis

Febr 2017 – Sept 2017

École Normale Supérieure, Paris (France). Visiting period at the Centre Maurice Halbwachs, supervised by Prof.  Benoît de L’Estoile.  Erasmus + scholarship. Seminar attended: “Réécrire le passé colonial : enjeux contemporains des collections de musée” EHESS/ENS.

Sept 2013 – Jan. 2014

Ecole du Louvre, Paris (France). Thematic evening course in History of Art – “Representing the Human, Representing the Sacred”. Lectures from pre-history to contemporaneity.

Febr – June 2012

Università IUAV, Venice (Italy). Semester interchange at the Faculty of Arts and Design. Courses attended: Curatorship workshop, Experimental and documentary cinema, Semiotics.

Aug – Dec 2011

Université de Montréal – HEC, Montreal (Canada). Exchange programme. Courses: Consumer Behaviour, Management of Performing Arts Organizations.

Aug – Dec 2009

Handels School of Business (Gothenburg University), Goteborg (Sweden). LLP Erasmus Scholarship. Courses: Modern Scandinavian economic history. Managerial economics for the tourism industry.


Feb 2017 – ongoing

Archival research in museums. Research and interviews in three European institutions in the archives of the three case-studies of my theses: Musée du Congo Belge (at Royal Museum of Central Africa, Tervuren), Musée de la France d’Outre-Mer (Musée du quai Branly, Paris) and Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam (Koloniaal Museum).

Jan – March 2017

Research and collaboration with visual artist Luca Staccioli. Iconographic and theoretical research for the video essay “Was it me? Screen Memories” (2017) and poster “The other other. Familiar other” (2018).

August 2016

Ulissi research project organized by Routes Agency, Cinisi (Palermo, Italy). Field research on the imagery of the Mafia and Anti-mafia in Sicily through collective artistic practices. Prof. Giulia Grechi and Viviana Gravano, Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli.

March 2012

Università Bocconi, Milan (Italy)  – Project researcher.Benchmark study on the promotion of equal opportunities in international universities both for faculty and students. Under the guidance of Prof. Paola Dubini, Università Bocconi.

April 2011

Field research organized by ASK Bocconi Research Center, Mexico City (Mexico). Study tour with a group of professors and researchers for the analysis of the cultural system. Interviews and visits to museum professional, artists, art historians, cultural institutions. Prof. Stefano Baia Curioni, Università Bocconi.

PRESENTATIONS AT CONFERENCES (following call for papers)

Paper presentation at the conference “Les arts coloniaux. Circulation d’artistes et d’artefacts entre la France et ses colonies” at the Musée du quai Branly/Musée national de l’histoire de l’immigration, 11-12 octobre 2018. Title: Un ordre colonial des arts : la place de l’« artiste indigène » au Musée de la France d’Outre-Mer.

Paper presentation at the RAI 2018 Conference “Art, Materiality and Representation”, British Museum/SOAS. London 1-3 June 2018. Title: Contemporary art and the (Post-) Colonial museum: revealing the politics behind ethnography.

Paper presentation at the International Conference “Materialities of Postcolonial Memories” AHM Conference 2017. Amsterdam 8th December. Title: A Post-colonial life of Colonial Images? The Dutch East Indies Paintings Collection at the Tropenmuseum.

Paper presentation at the International Conference “The Myth Of The ‘Enemy’: The mutable faces of the Other and the construction of European identities”, Università di Bologna, Department of the Arts, 8th and 9th June 2017. Title: Alterità e subordinazione coloniale: le Mostre Internazionali d’Arte Coloniale (1931, 1934).

Short paper presentation at the International Conference “Museums and Their Publics at Sites of Conflicted History”, Polin Museum, Warsaw, 13-15 march 2017. Title: European Colonial Museums and the paths towards the Postcolonial

Paper presentation at the International Conference Imagining the Past, Collecting the future: Archive, Photography, Cinema, Museums. First International LYNX Conference, Lucca, 22-25 June 2016. Title: “The Italian Colonial Archive in the Work of Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi: the Past is History?”

 Paper presentation at the School of Museum Studies 50th Anniversary Conference “The Museum in the Global Contemporary: Debating the Museum of Now”. University of Leicester, 20-22 April 2016. Title: Artist-In-Residence at the Ethnographic Museum: Questioning Colonial Pasts at the Royal Museum of Central Africa.


Invited to the Workshop “Musées Monde. Des musées pour interroger le monde : Concepts – Espaces – Objets”. Musée d’Aquitaine, Bordeaux. 6th december 2017. Title: Décoloniser le musée Colonial : les trois vies du Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam.

Co-organisation of the research seminar “Art, Science, Heritage. Recompositions in the French museum landscape” by Benoît de L’Estoile, CNRS/ENS Paris at IMT School for Advanced Studies, Lucca, 23rd September 2017.

Invited to the Journée doctorale du Centre Pariset, Université Bordeaux Montaigne, 10th May 2017. Title: L’art et les musées coloniaux en Europe: le Musée de la France d’Outre Mer.

Invited to lecture in Prof. Dominique Jarrassé’s seminar “Comment l’histoire de l’art construit son sujet”, M1 Recherche Histoire de l’Art, Université Bordeaux Montaigne, 8 March 2017.

Organizing Committee for the First International LYNX Conference “Imagining the Past, Collecting the future: Archive, Photography, Cinema, Museums. IMT School for Advanced Studies, Lucca, 22-25 June 2016.


March – Nov 2015

Università Bocconi, Milan (Italy)  –Academic Affairs Officer. Counselling of perspective students for the admission process ; Control and administration of Italian and international students’ documents required for the admission to bachelor and master courses ; Analysis of data of the selection processes to be presented to the university’s dean.

July 2013 – Jan 2014

Musée D’Orsay, Paris (France)  –International and Corporate Relations Department. Research of new corporate sponsors for the museum’s exhibition: brainstorming, benchmark studies, redaction of support materials ; Negotiation of partnership to create projects in collaboration with the museum’s Curatorial and Events departments ; Relations with private and institutional partners.

Nov. 2012 – Feb 2013

VIAFARINI DOCVA Organization for contemporary art, Milan (Italy) – Assistant to Director. Assistance in the organization of exhibitions, workshops and conferences ; Relations with artists, galleries, journalists and curators ; Catalogue and digitalize artist’s portfolio and publication in the DOCVA Library

June – Oct 2012

XII Venice Architecture Biennale, Slovenian Pavilion, Venice (Italy) – Assistant Press Officer. Diffusion of press materials, redaction of weekly press reviews ; Relations with journalists and other partner institutions


English : C2 Advanced (IELTS : 8/9 : TOEFL : 103/120)

French : C2 Advanced (TCF : niveau C2)

German : B1/B2 Intermediate (Zertifikat Deutsch B1 mark : Sehr Gut)

Spanish : B1 Intermediate

Dutch : A2 Elementary


ICOM member; ability in using TMS software; digital photography course at Spazio Forma (Milano).

profil Academia:

Centre François-Georges Pariset

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